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Midnight in Chinese / Japanese...

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China wǔ yè
Midnight Vertical Wall Scroll

午夜 is the best way to write midnight in Chinese for the purposes of calligraphy artwork.


Japan mayonaka
Midnight Vertical Wall Scroll

真夜中 is the Japanese title for midnight or "the dead of night."

This can also be a Japanese female given name pronounced Sayana.

Tranquil Midnight

China yè shēn rén jìng
Tranquil Midnight Vertical Wall Scroll

This literally means, "Night Deep/Dark People Quiet/Tranquil."

In more natural English, some translate this as "late night, all is quiet," "tranquil midnight," or "in the dead of night" (implying the dead quiet of midnight).

Tranquil Midnight

China yōu jìng de wǔ yè
Tranquil Midnight Vertical Wall Scroll

幽靜的午夜 is a way to express the emotions that you might feel at midnight. Beyond peaceful, quiet or tranquil, there is an idea of being remote or lonesome, buried in the meaning of the first two characters.

Tranquil Night

Japan seiya
Tranquil Night Vertical Wall Scroll

静夜 is a Japanese word meaning, "quiet night" or "tranquil night." It implies late night, such as midnight.

静夜 is also a female given name in Japanese, Seiya.

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