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Heroic Spirit in Chinese / Japanese...

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Heroic Spirit

China yīng qì
Heroic Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll

英氣 is a way to write heroic spirit in Chinese.

This may be an arrogant thing to hang on your wall.

Warrior Soul / Heroic Spirit

China yǒng shì jīng shén
Warrior Soul / Heroic Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll

This can be translated as the warrior's spirit or warrior's soul. The first two characters can be translated as "warrior" or literally "brave soldier/man" although some will translate this word as "hero." Therefore, this is also how to say "heroic spirit."

The second two characters mean vigor, vitality, drive, spirit, mind, heart, mental essence and psychological component. Basically "your soul."

We have two versions of this phrase. The only difference is the first two and last two characters are swapped. The version here suggests that you admire or like the idea of the spirit of a warrior. The other version suggests that you are the warrior or hero.

Heroic Spirit / Heroism

China háo qì
Heroic Spirit / Heroism Vertical Wall Scroll

豪氣 is heroic spirit or heroism in Chinese and old Korean Hanja.

This might come across as a bit arrogant to hang on your wall.

Heroic Spirit / Great Ambition

China xióng xīn
Japan yuushin
Heroic Spirit / Great Ambition Vertical Wall Scroll

雄心 is the Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji for great ambition, lofty aspiration, or heroic spirit.

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