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Fury in Chinese / Japanese...

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Rage / Fury

China bào nù
Rage / Fury Vertical Wall Scroll

暴怒 means violent rage or fury in Chinese.

暴怒 is not appropriate for custom calligraphy!


Rage / Fury

China jī nù
Japan gekido
Rage / Fury Vertical Wall Scroll

激怒 means violent rage, fury, to infuriate, to enrage, to exasperate, or indignation in Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji.

激怒 is not appropriate for custom calligraphy!


China jī liè
Japan geki retsu
Fierce Vertical Wall Scroll

激烈 means fierce in Chinese, and has a similar meaning in Japanese Kanji. This can also be translated as intense, violent, vehement, furious, or fervent. 激烈 is more the violent version of fierce in Korean.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin bào nù / bao4 nu4
Taiwan pao nu
Fierce Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese violent rage; fury


see styles
Mandarin jī qíng / ji1 qing2
Taiwan chi ch`ing / chi ching
Japanese gekijou / gekijo / げきじょう
Fierce Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese passion; fervor; enthusiasm; strong emotion
Japanese violent emotion; passion; fury


see styles
Mandarin jī liè / ji1 lie4
Taiwan chi lieh
Japanese gekiretsu / げきれつ
Fierce Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese intense; acute; fierce
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) violence; vehemence; fury; fervour; fervor; severity; fierceness; keenness

see styles
Mandarin/ nu4
Taiwan nu
Japanese ikari / いかり
Chinese anger; fury; flourishing; vigorous
Japanese (surname) Ikari
to become angry



see styles
Mandarin jù liè / ju4 lie4
Taiwan chü lieh
Japanese gekiretsu / げきれつ
Chinese violent; acute; severe; fierce
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) violence; vehemence; fury; fervour; fervor; severity; fierceness; keenness


see styles
Japanese ikari / いかり Japanese anger; rage; fury; wrath; indignation


see styles
Mandarin nù huǒ / nu4 huo3
Taiwan nu huo
Chinese rage; fury; hot anger



see styles
Mandarin fèn jī / fen4 ji1
Taiwan fen chi
Japanese fungeki / ふんげき
Chinese indignant; outraged
Japanese (noun/participle) fury



see styles
Mandarin huǒ r / huo3 r5
Taiwan huo r
Chinese fire; fury; angry


see styles
Japanese kyouran / kyoran / きょうらん Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) fury; frenzy; madness


see styles
Japanese moui / moi / もうい Japanese fury; power; menace



see styles
Mandarin jī fèn / ji1 fen4
Taiwan chi fen
Chinese accumulated anger; pent-up fury


see styles
Mandarin mó lì zhī / mo2 li4 zhi1
Taiwan mo li chih
Japanese marishi / まりし
Japanese {Buddh} Marici
(or 摩梨支, or 摩里支); 末利支 Marīci. Rays of light, the sun's rays, said to go before the sun; mirage; also intp. as a wreath. A goddess, independent and sovereign, protectress against all violence and peril. 'In Brahmanic mythology, the personification of light, offspring of Brahmā, parent of Sūrya.' 'Among Chinese Buddhists Maritchi is represented as a female with eight arms, two of which are holding aloft emblems of sun and moon, and worshipped as goddess of light and as the guardian of all nations, whom she protects from the fury of war. She is addressed as 天后 queen of heaven, or as 斗姥 lit. mother of the Southern measure (μλρστζ Sagittarī), and identified with Tchundi' and 'with Mahēśvarī, the wife of Maheśvara, and has therefore the attribute Mātrikā', mother of Buddhas. Eitel. Taoists address her as Queen of Heaven.


see styles
Japanese kankan / かんかん Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) extreme anger; fury; rage; (2) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) intense heat; (3) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) clanging noise



see styles
Mandarin yī qì zhī xià / yi1 qi4 zhi1 xia4
Taiwan i ch`i chih hsia / i chi chih hsia
Chinese in a fit of pique; in a fury



see styles
Mandarin nù xíng yú sè / nu4 xing2 yu2 se4
Taiwan nu hsing yü se
Chinese to betray anger (idiom); fury written across one's face


see styles
Mandarin bào tiào rú léi / bao4 tiao4 ru2 lei2
Taiwan pao t`iao ju lei / pao tiao ju lei
Chinese stamp with fury; fly into a rage



see styles
Mandarin xuān huá yǔ sāo dòng / xuan1 hua2 yu3 sao1 dong4
Taiwan hsüan hua yü sao tung
Chinese The Sound and the Fury (novel by William Faulkner 威廉·福克納|威廉·福克纳[Wei1 lian2 · Fu2 ke4 na4])


see styles
Japanese gekiretsu / げきれつ Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) violence; vehemence; fury; fervour; fervor; severity; fierceness; keenness


see styles
Japanese kankan;kankan / カンカン;かんかん Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) extreme anger; fury; rage; (2) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) intense heat; (3) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) clanging noise

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
暴怒bào nù / bao4 nu4 / bao nu / baonupao nu / paonu
激怒gekidojī nù / ji1 nu4 / ji nu / jinuchi nu / chinu
Fierce激烈geki retsu / gekiretsujī liè / ji1 lie4 / ji lie / jiliechi lieh / chilieh

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