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  1. Chou

  2. Zhao

  3. Chow / Zhou

  4. Zhang / Cheung

  5. Butterfly

  6. Super


China chǒu
Japan chuu
Chou Vertical Wall Scroll

丑 can refer to the astrological time of the ox, or a Chinese surname, Chou.

丑 represents the 2nd earthly branch. In daily time, 1:00-3:00 AM, or the 12th/last month in the Chinese calendar.

In an ancient year-naming scheme, this can represent the year of the Ox (one of twelve animals paired with one of five element characters yielding a 60-year cycle).


China zhào
Japan chou
Zhao Vertical Wall Scroll

In Chinese, this is Zhao, one of the seven states during the Warring States Period (476-220 B.C.). 趙 is a different period than the Former Zhao 前趙 (304-329 A.D.) and Later Zhao 後趙 (319-350 A.D.) of the Sixteen Kingdoms.

趙 is also a surname in Chinese.

In Japanese, this can be the surname Hiyon or Chou (there are a few other possible pronunciations and names in Japanese).

Chow / Zhou

China zhōu
Japan shuu
Chow / Zhou Vertical Wall Scroll

周 originally represents the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC) of ancient China.

It has become a surname in China that romanizes as Zhou from Mandarin, Chou in Taiwan, and often written as Chow from Cantonese.

The actual meaning is circle, circumference, lap, cycle, all, thorough, or perimeter. It is used in Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja with that meaning - though it can also be used as a name in those languages as well.

Zhang / Cheung

China zhāng
Japan chou
Zhang / Cheung Vertical Wall Scroll

張 is a Chinese surname that romanizes as Zhang, but in Taiwan or old romanization can be Cheung.

This can also be the Japanese surnames Harisaki, Hari, Hara, Tsuan, Chou, Cho, Chiyan, Chiyau, Chan, Chian, Sun, Jin, Jiyon, Jiyan, Zan, San, or Kin.

The meaning of this character can be: to open up; to spread; sheet of paper; classifier for flat objects; sheet; classifier for votes.


China dié
Japan chou
Butterfly Vertical Wall Scroll

蝶 is the simplest way to write "butterfly" in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

If you are looking at the Chinese pronunciation and Romanization, please note this is not pronounced like the English "die."
It actually sounds like "dee-ah." (Chinese Romanization does not exactly follow English or Latin pronunciation of Roman letters).


China chāo
Japan chou
Super Vertical Wall Scroll

超 is "super" in Chinese and Japanese Kanji. It can also mean: to exceed; to overtake; to surpass; to transcend; to pass; to cross; to jump over. It can also be a suffix like ultra- hyper- super-

From Sanskrit, this can be the Buddhist "vikrama," meaning to leap over; surpass; exempt from; to save.

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