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Chinese Modern Art


South Chinese Folk Art Peasant Paintings & Batiks

Folk Art

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Bamboo Art - Asian Japanese Chinese Paintings & Wall Scrolls


Asian Chinese Birds & Flowers Wall Scrolls & Paintings Art


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Koi Fish

Chinese Dragons Paintings and Wall Scrolls - Asian Art


Chinese Tigers Paintings and Wall Scrolls - Asian Art


Asian Cats & Kittens Paintings Art


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My daughter, Jinni, works at the studio on weekends, helping with photography and doing inventory.

Gary Westergren

...And then there's me. This business is not making money right now, so I have taken a lot of extra work beyond my weekend duty in the Air Force.
The last three years have been crazy:
Fighting California wildfires.
Almost a year in Texas and Nevada.
Overseeing 9,000 COVID vaccinations.
Two combat deployments.

Apparently, I'm Famous!
Somehow, I find time each day for customer service via email and text message. -Gary.

Modern English

When you mention that you once co-hosted a nationally-syndicated TV show watched by 70,000,000 people each week in China, people probably think I am making it up but...

Modern English TV Studio

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If you're looking to buy hand-painted Chinese artwork or Japanese calligraphy at discount prices, you've come to the right place. All artwork here is fair trade, and created by independent Chinese, Korean & Japanese artists.

While this artwork is of the highest quality available, my prices are much lower than those of most art galleries, around the world & even inside China, Japan & Korea. The reason is, all these artists are my personal friends that I have developed while living and traveling in China and Japan. There is no middle man because all the artwork is mounted in my workshop just outside Beijing.

If you are looking for...
Custom Chinese Character or Japanese Kanji Symbol Calligraphy Wall Scrolls, Asian Dragon Artwork, Birds & Flowers, Asian Philosophy Art, Paintings of Horses, Cats & Kitten Art, Southern Chinese Peasant Folk Art, or any kind of Chinese Scrolls.
...I have something for you.

There are 1246 ready-to-ship Chinese/Japanese Scrolls and paintings for sale on my website.
And, a BILLION combinations of custom Japanese & Chinese calligraphy wall scrolls.

10% of our profit goes to Charity!