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Stone in Chinese / Japanese...

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Stone / Rock

China shí
Japan ishi
Stone / Rock Vertical Wall Scroll

石 is the character that means rock or stone in both Chinese and Japanese.

Alone, this will be read as "stone" in Japanese but in some context, it is a unit of measure for the volume of about five bushels.

This can also refer to a gem or jewel.

This can also be the Japanese surnames that romanize as Ishi, Tsuruishi, Soku, Seki, Shi, Kazu, Iso, Ishizaki, Ishisaki or Koku.

Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone

China xíng lǚ
Japan kou ryo
Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone Vertical Wall Scroll

行旅 is a Chinese and Japanese title meaning traveler / traveller, wanderer, vagabond, rolling stone, traveling, or travelling.

Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success

Japan sittpai wa seikou no moto
Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese proverb literally reads, "failures/mistakes/blunders are the yeast-starter/yeast-mash of success."

Basically, it suggests that failures are a necessary part of success; Just as bread or beer requires yeast to successfully rise or brew/ferment.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.


(precious stone)
Japan tama / gyoku
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll

玉 is how to write jade in Chinese, Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji. This refers to the semi-precious stone that can be almost white or a vivid green.

Note: In Japanese, this character can mean jewel, ball, sphere or coin depending on context.

If your name is Jade, you may want to choose this to represent your name by meaning rather than pronunciation.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin/ yu4
Japanese gyoku / ぎょく
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese jade
Japanese (1) (also formerly read as ごく) precious stone (esp. jade); (2) {food} egg (sometimes esp. as a sushi topping); (3) stock or security being traded; product being bought or sold; (4) (See 建玉) position (in finance, the amount of a security either owned or owed by an investor or dealer); (5) geisha; (6) (abbreviation) (See 玉代) time charge for a geisha; (7) (abbreviation) {shogi} (See 玉将) king (of the junior player); (female given name) Hikaru; (surname) Tamazaki; (surname) Tamasaki; (female given name) Tama; (surname) Giyoku; (surname) Oku
Jade, a gem; jade-like, precious; you, your.

see styles
Mandarin bái / bai2
Taiwan pai
Japanese haku / はく    shiro / しろ    shira / しら
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese white; snowy; pure; bright; empty; blank; plain; clear; to make clear; in vain; gratuitous; free of charge; reactionary; anti-communist; funeral; to stare coldly; to write wrong character; to state; to explain; vernacular; spoken lines in opera; surname Bai
Japanese (1) white; (2) (See 鯔・ぼら・1) striped mullet fry (Mugil cephalus); (3) (See せりふ) speech; one's lines; (4) {mahj} white dragon tile; (5) {mahj} winning hand with a pung (or kong) of white dragon tiles; (6) (abbreviation) (archaism) (See 白人) white person; Caucasian; (n-pref,n-suf,n) (7) (abbreviation) (obscure) (See ベルギー) Belgium; (1) (See 黒・1) white; (2) innocence; innocent person; (3) blank space; (4) white go stone; (5) {mahj} (See 白・はく・4) white dragon tile; (6) {food} skewered grilled pig intestine; (prefix) (1) white; (2) unseasoned; undyed; unaltered; (3) very much; precisely; (4) (See しらばくれる) playing dumb; (noun or adjectival noun) (5) unfeigned; honest; diligent; (female given name) Mashiro; (surname) Peku; (surname) Beku; (surname) Pai; (surname) Bai; (surname, female given name) Haku; (surname) Tsukumo; (surname) Shiroyanagi; (surname) Shirotsuru; (given name) Shiroshi; (surname) Shirayanagi; (surname) Shirayagi; (surname) Shirahama; (surname) Shirazaki; (surname) Shirasaki; (personal name) Shirai; (personal name) Shira; (m,f) Kiyoshi; (female given name) Akira
White, pure, clear; make clear, inform.

see styles
Mandarin dàn // shí / dan4 // shi2
Taiwan tan // shih
Japanese ishi / いし
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese rock; stone; stone inscription; one of the eight ancient musical instruments 八音[ba1 yin1]; dry measure for grain equal to ten dou 斗; ten pecks; one hundred liters; surname Shi
Japanese (1) stone; (2) gem; jewel; (surname) Tsuruishi; (surname) Soku; (surname) Seki; (surname) Shi; (place-name) Koku; (surname) Kazu; (given name) Inseki; (surname) Iso; (personal name) Ishibuku; (personal name) Ishifuku; (surname) Ishihama; (personal name) Ishizue; (personal name) Ishisue; (surname) Ishizaki; (surname) Ishisaki; (personal name) Ishiodori; (surname) Ishi; (given name) Atsushi; (personal name) Akira
Stone, rock.


see styles
Japanese houseki / hoseki / ほうせき
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) gem; jewel; precious stone; (female given name) Tiara; (surname) Takaraishi; (female given name) Jueru; (female given name) Jueri



see styles
Mandarin bǎo shí / bao3 shi2
Taiwan pao shih
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese precious stone; gem; CL:枚[mei2],顆|颗[ke1]
Japanese See: 宝石


see styles
Mandarin xíng lǚ / xing2 lu:3
Taiwan hsing lü
Japanese kouryo / koryo / こうりょ
Chinese traveler; wanderer; vagabond; rolling stone
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) traveling; travelling; (2) traveler; traveller


see styles
Japanese ruusu / rusu / ルース
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (See 裸石) loose stone; unset jewel; (given name) Ruth; Rooth


see styles
Japanese shippaihaseikounomoto / shippaihasekonomoto / しっぱいはせいこうのもと
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (expression) (idiom) failure teaches success; failure is a stepping-stone to success


see styles
Japanese shippaihaseikounomoto / shippaihasekonomoto / しっぱいはせいこうのもと Japanese (expression) (idiom) failure teaches success; failure is a stepping-stone to success

see styles
Mandarin/ ti2
Taiwan t`i / ti
Chinese old stone or mineral, possibly related to antimony Sb 銻|锑[ti1]

see styles
Mandarin/ ji1
Taiwan chi
Japanese motoi / もとい    ki / き
Chinese base; foundation; basic; radical (chemistry); (slang) gay
Japanese (1) (archaism) basis; foundation; (2) cause; (1) {chem} (See 官能基) group; (2) (See 遊離基) (free) radical; (counter) (3) counter for installed or mounted objects (e.g. stone lanterns, gravestones, satellites); (personal name) Motoji; (male given name) Motoshi; (given name) Motoki; (personal name) Motoe; (surname, female given name) Motoi; (given name) Moto; (given name) Mingi; (given name) Minki; (given name) Hajime; (personal name) Hajimu; (given name) Gi; (surname, given name) Ki; (person) Kuiji (632-682); (given name) Osamu

see styles
Mandarin/ zi4
Taiwan tzu
Chinese to strike; to run against; to throw, as a stone

see styles
Mandarin/ he2
Taiwan ho
Japanese kaku / かく
Chinese pit; stone; nucleus; nuclear; to examine; to check; to verify
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) pit (of a fruit); stone; (2) core; (n,n-pref) (3) nucleus; nuclear; (4) (See 核兵器) nuclear weaponry; (5) {math} kernel; (surname) Sane

see styles
Japanese koma / こま Japanese (n,n-pref) (1) Korea (esp. the Goguryeo kingdom or the Goryeo dynasty); (2) (stone) guardian lion-dogs at Shinto shrine; (surname, female given name) Koma

see styles
Mandarin/ yu2
Chinese semiprecious stone; a kind of jade

see styles
Mandarin wén // mín / wen2 // min2
Taiwan wen // min
Chinese veins in jade; jade-like stone

see styles
Mandarin xuán / xuan2
Taiwan hsüan
Chinese jadelike precious stone; jade-colored

see styles
Mandarin/ ke1
Taiwan k`o / ko
Japanese ka
Chinese jade-like stone
White jade shell; translit. k, khr.

see styles
Mandarin mín / min2
Taiwan min
Chinese alabaster, jade-like stone

see styles
Mandarin láng / lang2
Taiwan lang
Japanese roukan / rokan / ろうかん
Chinese jade-like stone; clean and white; tinkling of pendants
Japanese (given name) Roukan

see styles
Mandarin liú / liu2
Taiwan liu
Japanese run / るん    rui / るい    ryuu / ryu / りゅう    kohaku / こはく
Chinese precious stone
Japanese (female given name) Run; (m,f) Rui; (surname, female given name) Ryuu; (female given name) Kohaku

see styles
Mandarin chēn / chen1
Taiwan ch`en / chen
Chinese precious stone; gem

see styles
Mandarin/ qi2
Taiwan ch`i / chi
Chinese curio; valuable stone

see styles
Mandarin méi / mei2
Taiwan mei
Chinese (stone which resembles jade)

see styles
Mandarin/ yu2
Japanese yuu / yu / ゆー
Chinese excellence; luster of gems
Japanese (personal name) Yu-
Lustre of gems; a beautiful stone; excellences, virtues; translit. yu, yoyo; glimmer of a gem

see styles
Mandarin yáo / yao2
Taiwan yao
Japanese you / yo / よう
Chinese jade; precious stone; mother-of-pearl; nacre; precious; used a complementary honorific; Yao ethnic group of southwest China and southeast Asia; surname Yao
Japanese (female given name) You
Jasper (green), green crystal.

see styles
Mandarin guī / gui1
Taiwan kuei
Chinese (semiprecious stone); extraordinary

see styles
Mandarin/ yi1
Taiwan i
Chinese a black stone like jade; jet

see styles
Mandarin cōng / cong1
Taiwan ts`ung / tsung
Chinese stone similar to jade

see styles
Mandarin zhāng / zhang1
Taiwan chang
Japanese tamaki / たまき    shou / sho / しょう    akira / あきら
Chinese ancient stone ornament
Japanese (female given name) Tamaki; (surname, given name) Shou; (surname, given name) Akira

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Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll
Jade Vertical Wall Scroll

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
ishishí / shi2 / shishih
Rolling Stone
行旅kou ryo / kouryo / ko ryo / koryoxíng lǚ / xing2 lv3 / xing lv / xinglvhsing lü / hsinglü
Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success失敗は成功のもとsittpai wa seikou no moto
sittpai wa seiko no moto
Jadetama / gyokuyù / yu4 / yu

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