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Encourage in Chinese / Japanese...

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China quàn
Japan kan
Encourage Vertical Wall Scroll

勸 is the simplest Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja word for encouragement or the act of encouraging someone.

This can also mean: to advise; to urge; to try to persuade; to exhort; to console; to soothe.


China chū lèi bá cuì
Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll

出類拔萃 means "one who stands out from his/her peers," "stand out from the crowd," or "standing out from others." It can also mean, "leaving your peers behind."

A great way to tell yourself that you are outstanding (or give it to a friend that you want to encourage to excel).

Brave the Waves

China pò làng
Japan ha rou
Brave the Waves Vertical Wall Scroll

This can be translated from Chinese as "braving the waves" or "bravely setting sail." It literally means: "break/cleave/cut [the] waves."

破浪 is a great title to encourage yourself or someone else not to be afraid of problems or troubles.

Because of the context, this is especially good for sailors or yachtsmen and surfers too.

Note: While this can be understood in Japanese, it's not commonly used in Japan. Therefore, please consider this to be primarily a Chinese proverb.

Devotion to your Profession / Career

China cóng shì
Japan jyuu ji
Devotion to your Profession / Career Vertical Wall Scroll

從事 / 従事 is often used to describe the devotion someone has to their profession - However, it can just mean career, depending on context. We don't highly-recommend this selection for a wall scroll.

In more simple terms, this word also means undertake / to deal with / to handle / to do. It does not have to refer to a career issue, as it could be used to encourage someone that is beginning their university studies etc.

This kind of makes sense in Japanese, however, there is a slight deviation in the way they write the first Kanji in Japanese.

Japanese for Devotion to ProfessionPlease note that Japanese use an alternate version of the first character. Click on the character to the right if you want the Japanese version of this two-character Devotion-to-your-Profession calligraphy.

Great Ambitions

Brave the wind and the waves
China chéng fēng pò làng
Great Ambitions Vertical Wall Scroll

乘風破浪 is a Chinese proverb that represents having great ambitions.

The British might say "to plough through." Another way to understand it is, "surmount all difficulties and forge ahead courageously."

This can also be translated as, "braving the wind and waves," "to brave the wind and the billows," "to ride the wind and crest the waves," or "to be ambitious and unafraid."

Literally it reads: "ride (like a chariot) [the] wind [and] break/cleave/cut [the] waves," or "ride [the] wind [and] slash [through the] waves."

乘風破浪 is a great proverb to encourage yourself or someone else not to be afraid of problems or troubles, and when you have a dream just go for it.

There is an alternate version, 長風破浪, but 乘風破浪 is far more common.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your encourage search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin/ li4
Taiwan li
Japanese hagemi / はげみ
Chinese to encourage; to urge; surname Li
Japanese (surname) Hagemi

see styles
Mandarin wěn // mǐn // mín / wen3 // min3 // min2
Taiwan wen // min
Chinese disorderly; messy; chaotic; ancient variant of 暋[min3]; to encourage oneself

see styles
Mandarin/ ce4
Taiwan ts`e / tse
Japanese saku / さく
Chinese policy; plan; scheme; bamboo slip for writing (old); to whip (a horse); to encourage; riding crop with sharp spines (old); essay written for the imperial examinations (old); upward horizontal stroke in calligraphy; surname Ce
Japanese (n,n-suf) plan; policy; means; measure; stratagem; scheme; (given name) Tsukane; (given name) Shinsaku; (surname) Saku
A treatise, book, memo, tablet, card; a plan, scheme; question; whip; etc.

see styles
Mandarin xìng // xīng / xing4 // xing1
Taiwan hsing
Japanese kyou / kyo / きょう
Chinese feeling or desire to do something; interest in something; excitement; to rise; to flourish; to become popular; to start; to encourage; to get up; (often used in the negative) to permit or allow (dialect); maybe (dialect); surname Xing
Japanese (1) interest; entertainment; pleasure; (2) (See 六義・1) implicit comparison (style of the Shi Jing); (given name) Hajime; (given name) Takashi; (given name) Suguru; (given name) Shoukou; (personal name) Koo; (personal name) Kouji; (personal name) Koua; (female given name) Kou; (personal name) Kyoua; (surname) Oki; (given name) Akira
abhyudaya. Rise, begin; prosper; elated; to raise

see styles
Mandarin zhāo / zhao1
Taiwan chao
Chinese to encourage; to cut; to strain


see styles
Mandarin hù miǎn / hu4 mian3
Taiwan hu mien
Chinese to encourage each other


see styles
Japanese unagasu / うながす Japanese (transitive verb) (1) to urge; to encourage; to press; to prompt; to draw (attention to); (2) to stimulate (e.g. growth); to hasten (e.g. development); to quicken; to accelerate; to promote


see styles
Japanese sesshi / せっし Japanese (noun/participle) pruning tree branches to encourage new growth


see styles
Mandarin zhù wēi / zhu4 wei1
Taiwan chu wei
Chinese to cheer for; to encourage; to boost the morale of



see styles
Mandarin zhù zhǎng / zhu4 zhang3
Taiwan chu chang
Japanese jochou / jocho / じょちょう
Chinese to encourage; to foster; to foment
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) promotion; encouragement; fostering; furtherance; (2) unwanted help (usu. unintentionally harmful); unnecessary help; (surname) Sukenaga



see styles
Mandarin miǎn lì / mian3 li4
Taiwan mien li
Japanese benrei
Chinese to encourage
to strive



see styles
Mandarin lì zhì / li4 zhi4
Taiwan li chih
Chinese to encourage; encouragement



see styles
Mandarin quàn miǎn / quan4 mian3
Taiwan ch`üan mien / chüan mien
Japanese kanben
Chinese to advise; to encourage
to cause to fully undertake



see styles
Mandarin quàn kè / quan4 ke4
Taiwan ch`üan k`o / chüan ko
Chinese to encourage and supervise (esp. state officials promoting agriculture)


see styles
Japanese sesshi / せっし Japanese (noun/participle) pruning tree branches to encourage new growth



see styles
Mandarin dǎ qì / da3 qi4
Taiwan ta ch`i / ta chi
Chinese to inflate; to pump up; fig. to encourage; to boost morale



see styles
Mandarin pāi mǎ / pai1 ma3
Taiwan p`ai ma / pai ma
Chinese to urge on a horse by patting its bottom; fig. to encourage; same as 拍馬屁|拍马屁, to flatter or toady


see styles
Japanese kakegoe / かけごえ Japanese (noun/participle) yell used to time or encourage activity (e.g. "Heave ho!", "On three ... One, two, three!" in English); enthusiastic shout from the audience (e.g. in kabuki); shouting (in concerts)


see styles
Japanese gekisu / げきす Japanese (Godan verb with "su" ending) (1) (See 激する) to intensify; (2) to be excited; to fly into a rage; to get into a passion; (3) to dash against; (4) to encourage



see styles
Mandarin jī lì / ji1 li4
Taiwan chi li
Chinese to encourage; to urge; motivation; incentive
Japanese See: 激励



see styles
Mandarin dǐ lì / di3 li4
Taiwan ti li
Chinese whetstone; (fig.) to hone; to temper; to encourage



see styles
Mandarin cè lì / ce4 li4
Taiwan ts`e li / tse li
Japanese sakurei
Chinese to encourage; to urge; to impel; to spur sb on


see styles
Mandarin zì miǎn / zi4 mian3
Taiwan tzu mien
Japanese jiben
Chinese to encourage oneself
to persevere on one's own initiative



see styles
Mandarin guī miǎn / gui1 mian3
Taiwan kuei mien
Chinese to advise and encourage



see styles
Mandarin yòu dǎo / you4 dao3
Taiwan yu tao
Japanese yuudou / yudo / ゆうどう
Chinese to induce; to encourage; to provide guidance; (medicine, chemistry) induction
Japanese (noun/participle) guidance; leading; induction; introduction; incitement; inducement



see styles
Mandarin yòu yè / you4 ye4
Taiwan yu yeh
Chinese to help and encourage



see styles
Mandarin huì yín / hui4 yin2
Taiwan hui yin
Chinese to stir up lust; to promote sex; to encourage licentiousness


see styles
Mandarin biān cè / bian1 ce4
Taiwan pien ts`e / pien tse
Chinese to spur on; to urge on; to encourage sb (e.g. to make progress)



see styles
Mandarin yǎng lián / yang3 lian2
Taiwan yang lien
Chinese to encourage honesty; to discourage corruption



see styles
Mandarin yǎng zhí / yang3 zhi2
Taiwan yang chih
Japanese youshoku / yoshoku / ようしょく
Chinese to cultivate; cultivation; to further; to encourage
Japanese (noun/participle) aquaculture; culture; cultivation; raising

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Great Ambitions Vertical Wall Scroll
Great Ambitions Vertical Wall Scroll
Great Ambitions Vertical Wall Scroll

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
kanquàn / quan4 / quanch`üan / chüan
chū lèi bá cuì
chu1 lei4 ba2 cui4
chu lei ba cui
ch`u lei pa ts`ui
chu lei pa tsui
Brave the Waves破浪ha rou / harou / ha ro / haropò làng / po4 lang4 / po lang / polangp`o lang / polang / po lang
Devotion to your Profession
從事 / 従事
jyuu ji / jyuuji / jyu ji / jyujicóng shì / cong2 shi4 / cong shi / congshits`ung shih / tsungshih / tsung shih
Great Ambitions乘風破浪
chéng fēng pò làng
cheng2 feng1 po4 lang4
cheng feng po lang
ch`eng feng p`o lang
cheng feng po lang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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