Order for Mo Nong Paintings - how to submit order & payment

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Order for Mo Nong Paintings - how to submit order & payment

Post by Deb Wong » Sep 21, 2013 2:34 pm

Hi, Gary - I sent this message to you many days ago but have not had a reply. I can`t order them on your website as I have no catalogue order no. to put in the shopping cart.
Here is my email again and I look forward to hearing from you soon as to to order and pay for these paintings. Thanks. I will also post this on the other form for Mo Nong paintings.


Hi, Gary - I have decided that for now I will order some paintings from the email below. Could you please let me know to proceed - how do I pay for them if they are not on your website and I can't put them in the cart?

I confirm the Mo Nong paintings I would like to order now are: (these are in the list of inventory you sent to me in July and which you said you had on hand but had not assigned titles to them yet. I take that to me that they are on hand to be shipped.

1. 13323
2. 13325
3. 13342
4. 13349
5. 13353
6. 13340

7. Also I would like to order a painting from the S. Chinese Folk Art and Batik category
The title is "Red Hot Chili Peppers" and the artist is Cao Quan-Tang.

Could you please let me know the total cost and mode of payment (I can use Paypal) and how long you estimate delivery time to be.

Thank you, Gary. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the Mo-Nong paintings when they are ready. Please email me at that time.