Translation please

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Translation please

Post by Cabeeny » Apr 18, 2013 6:35 am

I need help with the second symbol I believe the first Is ivory an want to know what it means with the second symbol
Your help is appreciated.

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Re: Translation please

Post by Gary » Apr 19, 2013 9:41 am

Same characters as your first item (the one that looked more like it was ivory).

The second character is 司

Altogether, you've got:
牙 Ivory / Tooth
司 Department (under a ministry); surname Si; (archaism) office; official; chief; head; a person (usually a woman) whose duty it is to officiate at religions ceremonies; (archaism) office (government department beneath a bureau under the ritsuryo system of Japan).

The first time around, I was talking to a Japanese translator. This time, I had a Chinese translator/researcher look at it.

The character above is kind of a governmental indicator. It can be translated as "ministry" or "department of the government".

However, while it would directly translate as "The Ministry of Teeth" or "The Department of Ivory", that's not correct.

These two characters are actually an ancient title. Sort of like a representative seal of the government or authority. In this case, it could mean the item was approved by, owned by, or otherwise of a quality acceptable by the government. At the time, that would have been the Emperor and Emperor's court.

Nobody could make sense of the third character on your ivory piece.

I did not know this was going to become such a project. I kind of made a terrible mistake and let this project get away from me. I really should have stopped and referred you to pay for a translation and research fee. I've got more than 2 man-hours into figuring this out with bills coming to me from my Japanese and Chinese translators for this effort. So if you can, please be kind with the donation button below.