Artists´ background

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Artists´ background

Post by marekslezak » Mar 26, 2012 10:58 am

Dear Gary,

is it possible you tell me more information about the authors of calligraphy, scrolls and paintings? For example, there is only little information about Li Dan-Qing of Beijing.

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Re: Artists´ background

Post by Gary » Mar 26, 2012 1:45 pm

I have varying levels of information for every artist that I represent. Some are very forward with their resume and life experience (some actually hand me a resume or bio when I meet them the first time), others are more reserved.

Li Dan-Qing falls into the later category. He does not wish to be photographed, shuns the mere thought of fame, and just wants to quietly pursue his hobby of calligraphy as a retired gentlemen.

If I had to guess, he must be approaching 80 years old.

He freely admits his calligraphy is of a standard or basic quality (westerners can't usually tell the difference, but any Chinese or Japanese person with an interest in calligraphy will see this fact in his work). He charges for his work accordingly (you're paying more for the wall scroll itself than for his work - it's quite the opposite when you select one of my master calligraphers).

From some issues that have come up in years past, I feel he has and will never fully forgive Japan for the atrocities perpetrated on innocent Chinese civilians during WWII. However, in more recent years, I've been able to get him to write more Japanese phrases.

Offering his "hobby calligraphy" to me at a low price allows him to stay active, and make some extra spending money to supplement his pension. It also allows me to offer calligraphy at a very affordable price to my customers who don't want to spend around $100 on a wall scroll by a master calligrapher. Everybody wins with this arrangement.

Sorry that I don't have more information. He's just a private man, and I need to respect that.